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Balthazar – at the belgian bar

An indie-band from belgium with a sound that fits the weather right now with your coat up over your neck, searching for a pub through a stormy night, maybe lightning a cigarette. Actually the Video to the first single picks up this theme of their whole album. Last year they released a decent debut with their “Applause” with some crunchy upbeats. It’s time for the second impression! Continue reading


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Youngblood Hawke – ride the gamewave

FIFA13 is out, and with it a new soundtrack with at least 3 or 4 tracks from unknown bands who will get a career boost out of it. Youngblood Hawke represent with their lyrics and beats in  “We came running” the speed and power of soccer in a overly pleasent and happy way. Continue reading

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Mt . Wolf – between tripfolk and dreamstep

Those genres don’t exist, but if they did i wouldn’t know where to file the UK-Band Mt. Wolf. It is very electronical, still genuine and natural like a balearic yoga-course. Their name does its best to fit in the foggy, echoing mood and all the atmospheric, clean air that comes through the speakers. Listen to it and pretend to be in Iceland or the North Pole, or the english coast in november, and you will certainly get the same mood as most people do. Continue reading

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Christopher Owens – boy without girls

Christopher Owens prefers to write his uncomfortable life down instead of going to a doctor, and the results were impressive. “Father, Son, Holy Ghost” was a great album with the “Girls“, on which he described the effects of his nomad-like life in a separated religious cult.

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Trails And Ways – a sunny blog phenomenon

They don’t have an album (yet) out, and most of the songs they did, were covers, brilliant ones though. Everything they compose is free to download, and one could really ask where they earned the money to travel to Brazil to get some inspirations for the typical bloggers track of the summer “Nunca Nunca” .

Trails and Ways come from California and describe their genre as “dreamy summer pop” making this clear in every line of their tracks, even their just released “Border Crosser” is a pocket full of warm sunshine  between falling leaves. Continue reading

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Haim – Keep it in the family

The choice to be a musician is often either hardly pushed by the over-ambitious parents or defined by daily fights against the wish to become a lawyer or doctor, unless you are part of  a folksy family band in the 90’s travelling around with your mom&dad. Then you would maybe want to listen to Brandy&Monica, TLC or En Vogue if you were 3 sisters at that time, but your parents would prefer to switch to the oldies radio and some beatles songs or Fleetwood Mac and Santana.  Now the 3 daughters from California seem to have taken the more commercial road instead of playing at charity events and local fairs. They signed a Polydor contract after the music industry chased them with offers and interviews and all comforts imaginable. Continue reading

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Kimbra – Gotyes little helper

Please finish this sentence: “Now you’re just somebody…” Correct! There was a time when you couldn’t escape the song and maybe even hated it after a while. But this is not Kimbra’s fault, neither it is Gotye’s. A remarkable work leads sometimes to commercial success and therefore overflood, unbelievable but true.  Kimbra will always be thankful for this, no matter if she will be succesful in the next years as solo artist or not. Her Album “Vows” can be called a success, it peaked 3th, 4th,14th and 24th in the english speaking countries and the critic were around 7.5/10.   Continue reading